Sarada Educational Institutions
Who We Are

Schooling should not only impart knowledge but act as a nurturing ground for successful entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, managers, and leaders in various sectors of the economy. This can only be achieved through a well-rounded education system. No one understands this better than Sarada Educational Institutions. Here, we create a wholesome growth of the individual by imparting core values that include honesty, loyalty and compassion along with the knowledge encompassed in our curriculum.

We nurture discipline, punctuality and regularity in the process of equipping our students with critical thinking skills that are indispensable in the global perspective. Our pride is not just in having our students fetch good grades in competitive exams, rather, we look far beyond today; by creating an alumni base of great entrepreneurs and world leaders. As our driving core value, we help students reach their full potential and thereby build exceptional careers. Our promise of a glorious Tomorrow is entrenched in a proper, meaningful education accrediting to the ‘Academic Treasure Chest’ of the world.

Why Sarada Educational Institutions?

With Sarada Educational Institutions, you are assured of not just a team of educators guiding your sons and daughters but a pool of successful professionals in different fields such as Technology, Medicine, and Administration who come together to help bring out and groom the hidden skills and talents of our students.

Our staff are handpicked and comprise of experienced professionals with especially long tenure in their different fields, guaranteeing the delivery of high impact and sustainable results. We create a platform – the Sarada Educational Institutions, where teachers and students with international exposure interact and share information to generate a rich pool of knowledge, a learning resource conducive for the continued buildup of awareness. We offer more than pure education; rather, we provide ‘smart learning’ in replacement of routine learning which assures our students of quality teaching assisted by top-end technology crucial for coping with the rapidly changing world.

We have a system that is conducive for learning: we pay personal attention to all students, promoting a healthy dialogue-based teaching, making our institutions a nurturing ground for team players who are sought after by the corporate world. Every one of our students is exposed to ‘learning by questioning’, a culture that facilitates complete involvement of students in the learning process in line with our motto. Such a system grooms highly inquisitive members of the society and creates a pool of critical thinkers for demanding employers.

Our teaching is aided by top quality teachers at a single location making the learning process seamless and easy, and naturally flowing. This makes our institutions ideal for both fast and slow learners. Our teaching staff are assisted by a team of committed administrators who are on the lookout for continuous improvement. We have laboratories that are well equipped with the latest high-end equipment and technology, computer labs and audio-visual library which augment our confidence in providing the best to students.