Sarada Educational Institutions

Quality Education - MPC

A choice of stream after 10th can be one of the most intimidating decisions a student has to make in their academic life. Unless there is a clear interest on what they want to pursue, it is usually noticed that students seem ambiguous about math stream or biology stream. Either ways, at Sarada Educational Institutions, we aim to be the best intermediate college for mpc in Vijayawada.

MPC (Math, Physics and Chemistry) is the foundation for many career streams such as engineering and other degrees like B.Sc, Management, Law, etc. Among the various junior colleges in Vijayawada, Sarada College stands out because of the fact that we understand each student’s individuality and help them to choose the right path. Along with world class education; students are trained and coached for all the major competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, BITSAT, EAMCET, etc, so as to polish their caliber and help them achieve their goal.

Being the best intermediate college in Vijayawada, we believe in stress free learning, and therefore students are not burdened with the pressure of the rat race. Individual attention is given to each student to find their problem areas and to help them overcome the obstacle. MPC definitely has a broader reach when it comes to the number of options available post intermediate, and therefore identifying the next career path is a critical decision as well. At Sarada Educational Institutions, we provide counseling to increase awareness to both students and their parents about the future perspectives.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, we have all grown up listening to this proverb, but we believe in implementing it as well. MPC might be full of calculations, formulae and theorems which need the brain to be at its best, therefore certain time off is very important to keep a healthy balance of study and play. Sports days, fresher’s day along with seminars with renowned guests are few such activities which help motivate and accelerate the learning.

Be it physics or chemistry, theoretical knowledge alone is not sufficient, practical implementation and skills play a major role to increase the understandability of complex topics. The well equipped lab facilities at our campus alongside extremely qualified faculty aim to help each student understand the concepts completely. Joining the right intermediate college in Vijayawada for MPC is the first step to a successful and fruitful future, wishing every student All The very Best for all their endeavors.