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Quality Education - BiPC

In a student’s life, Intermediate is an extremely crucial part as it lays the foundation for their future. And without a strong foundation, no building can withstand for long. Therefore, strong basics in Intermediate BiPC, makes the rest of the learning easy and interesting. At Sarada Educational Institutions, we aim to be the best intermediate colleges for bipc in Vijayawada.

The BiPC (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) stream is often considered to be taken up only by students who want to pursue a career in medicine stream as doctors. However, there are many more career options to look forward to post BiPC. We make sure that each student alongside their parents are made aware of all the immense possibilities that one can seek like medicine, alternate medicine, forensics, biotechnology, etc. Among the various intermediate colleges in Vijayawada; Sarada College stands out because each student is given individual attention so as to completely maximize their potential.

Students who take up BiPC are often noted to be under pressure due to the vast plethora of syllabus; however as one of the best intermediate college in Vijayawada, our objective is to ensure a curriculum balanced with study space and co curricular activity. Various events and seminars with esteemed dignitaries from the field are ensured to help students motivate themselves and also to resolve their queries about the futuristic aspects. Sports days, annual days etc provide a mental and physical time off from the constant grind of intermediate. Obtaining the title of being the best is a result of believing in individuality and helping each student pursue the right path with 100% support and reinforcement of their dream.

A child may come from a variety of backgrounds with respect to their high school education, the syllabus may vary, the medium of instruction may vary and also the style of work may vary and therefore it might be possible for a student to feel different and peculiar, Nevertheless, Sarada College is also one of the best intermediate college in Vijayawada since we understand a child’s mindset and we aim to provide the right launching pad to step in to the world of BiPC intermediate training, which in turn helps them sore great heights.

A strong positive self image is the best possible preparation for success, and therefore it is very important to keep up the zeal of hard work and to not lose your self confidence. Seeking help when needed is extremely essential and we are here to provide all the support to pursue a successful intermediate and this has been proven time and again with our scores in EAMCET, NEET and other medical entrance exams. Wishing every student all the very best in their journeys.